Get healthy from the within out with these 5 fruits for glowing skin. A healthy skin reflected how healthy you are on the inside. So, how to do to urge glowing skin? Your skin needs a lift from within to seem fresh and glowing. This is one of the Important tips for glowing skin we should follow eat healthily, exercise regularly and de-stress follow a regular skincare routine.

When do you ask that friend or celebrity about the secret behind her glowing and gorgeous skin? Lots of fresh fruits?

Hence in this post, we have decided to list the top 5 fruits you should consume to achieve the best version of your skin.

Fruits to eat daily for glowing skin:


In your Diet:

Eat half an orange every day / you can make a tasty orange smoothie or add it to your salad. Vitamin C intake daily is mandatory for radiant skin.

For Face:

Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties so using it regularly in face packs will give you clear and brighter skin for Peel of the orange.

1 tsp orange peel powder and 2 tsp yoghurt to do the trick or you can also add 1 tsp sandalwood powder, 1 tsp walnut powder along with lemon juice and rose water to get bright skin.


In your Diet:

Lemon juice water with a teaspoon of honey added it should be drunk in the morning or you can add lemon juice to your salad and even your curries while you consume them.

For Face:

Ageing, hyperpigmentation and scarring can help reduce. Lemon is also a natural bleaching agent.

Mix a spoon of lemon juice with egg white and grape juice extract to make your skin smooth and glowing leave it on for 10 min, wash off with cold water.


In your Diet:

Have a bowl of strawberries with your breakfast / you can also add strawberries to your dessert.

For Face:

Mash a few strawberries and add a tablespoon of lime juice, apply to the affected area. Wash off after 10 min lukewarm water.

Mash a few strawberries apply the mashed pieces to your skin and wash off after 10 min.


In your Diet:

Have it at any time of the day or banana can be used to make slices of bread and various desserts.

For Face:

Mashed bananas When applied to your skin can instantly make it soft.


In your Diet:

You can add this fruit to your salad or Juice / you can also use it in a variety of recipes.

For Face:

Mash an Avocado to form a paste. Add 2 tsp of milk and 1 tsp honey apply for 30 min to your skin and rinse off.


While certain foods are more likely to benefits the skin than others, it is essential to find a balance.

Eating a diet rich during a range of antioxidants and nutrients gives the body a spread of the way to support the health of the skin.

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