Healthy food options in your diet plans but, also following appropriate post-meal rituals, staying healthy, and hearty not only entails incorporating. Some of you would possibly have wondered at some point of your time that despite your best efforts in following a diet and exercise plan, you are doing not see those desired benefits in your overall health.

While it is true that healthy foods can provide adequate nutrients to the body, but if the basic process of maintaining your routine is at fault, all the nutrients of the world can do nothing. So if you are committing these mistakes, about post-meal activities, knowingly or unknowingly, it’s about time to be shed.

No Bathing:

The body expedites tons of energy to digest the food that you simply just had. As a result, the interior blood heat rises slightly. Taking an immediate shower will divert the attention of the blood vessels towards the skin to cope with the cooling impact of water. Best avoided after half an hour before you hit the shower.

No Tea & Coffee:

While an intake of tea and or coffee, carefully, has its benefits, it’s best avoided, after a meal. If, you can’t do without it, wait a minimum of 1 hour, before you sip the recent beverage. At least that’s what the experts say.

Finish your Fruits:

Studies have shown that fruit taken after a meal does not travel well and in proper time to reach the intestines. It starts getting spoilt in transit which also messes up the food you just had.

Hold the Walk:

Walking after a meal is unquestionable, an honest thing, right? Yes, But not immediately. The food needs time to travel to the intestine and settle down here. If you are up and about immediately, it’ll hamper the flow. So give yourself half an hour before you take to your legs.

No Immediate Sleeping:

Drawing from the above, if you’re immediately supine or phone, the food gets stuck in its travel and additionally, the digestive juices start occupation the other direction, throwing the digestive process off-kilter.

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