Every woman likes to look beautiful and healthy, it is a dream of every female to look smart and healthy.

In this article, we shall discuss the benefits that a few daily activities could bring to your hand and how you can look beautiful for the above mentioned simple steps.

Like your face, even and need a little extra care for your hands too, for your current situation, we have taken it upon ourselves to do the household chores like washing dishes and mopping. However, the surplus use of detergent and dirty water can do tons of injury to our hands, like harsh, dry and peeling skin.

Hand Injury:

The dishwashing soap or detergents have higher concentrations of chemicals than the traditional hand wash soap containing sulfate that dries the skin striping our hands from producing natural oils. And especially for people with sensitive skin, any contact with predicament and detergent will dehydrate their skin faster.

Homemade Hand Lotion:

Acidic vegetables like Onions and potatoes the palms or else rub the ghee in your hands as it avoids damage. The almond, olive or coconut oil can also do wonders of your hand. The hands regularly keeping them from getting too dry and flakey, for a home remedy, extract Aloe Vera soap and apply it directly on.

Even better is to get on with the grandma recipe of rubbing malai (Milk cream) for at least 10 min and then rinse. While could be an old trick, but milk cream helps rebuild the lost skin cells and maybe a great hydrating agent. Remember, thrice a day to close the pores.

Wearing gloves an effective on hands:

While wearing gloves in your hands might seem, Intelligent idea, it may cause palm scaling in sensitive skin spray talcum powder on the hands before wearing gloves as it will absorb the palm sweaty preventing infection.

Later moisturize and canopy hands with socks overnight or for extended, but avoid just in case of sweaty palms. If nursing cuts, apply turmeric because it is an antiseptic and clean it with coconut or expressed almond oil rather than water.

How to clean your hands and scrubbing of hands?

Once in a while, exfoliate using sugar or chickpea flour to wash off the roughness. Then apply honey, either in sort of moisturizer or a pack, during which case use copra oil to moisturize hands after washing and wipe slightly.

At an equivalent time don’t ignore your nails that too bear the brunt of all the activities, they might your nails often turn yellow, become weak, or start to crack. The remedy might pinch a bit, but applying a lot of lime juice on the nails helps strengthen them and rubbing coconut oil even on the cuticles soften them.

Let your hands too feel the enjoyment and breathe a touch. After all, well-moisturized hands increase our attractiveness.


We have our definition of beauty of your hands, which means that there is no defined meaning of its hands. Let beauty is important for all.

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