A healthy and happy living requires a conscious effort on our part, whether it is in terms of the general lifestyle, food habit or the quantity of sleep we take! Here I might wish to especially emphasize the very fact that a taking a healthy and diet is extremely vital.

At home, we tend to eat either rice or wheat but forget to require the various health advantages of including other grains in your diet like barley, millet and ragi. I am getting to mention a nutritious grain today.

Blame it on stress, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle or chaotic schedules, lack of sleep for days can eventually take a toll ever your health and wellbeing.

When it involves finding a fix for problems, falling back to the fundamentals can always work miraculously! One such age-old remedy to repair sleep disorders naturally is by drinking Ragi Malt before sleeping and you’d be amazed to understand that this blend also can help in weight loss. So, without an extra let’s start together with his easy recipe.

Deep sleep helps for ragi (Ragi):

There is much sleep Including foods that you simply can include to your diet and catch abreast of your sleep. Consistent with experts, sleeping but 8 hours day could take a rest and get over the day’s work.

Ragi may be a rich source of amino acids like Tryptophan, which helps in relaxing the systema nervosum and helps in including sleep.

Ragi and milk before bedtime can help in healing the strain and including sleep.

Helps in Weight Loss:

It gets digested at a slower rate and thus keeps the stomach full, ragi makes for an honesty, diet product to feature in your meals. The right for those trying to reduce, achieve a fit and healthy body. No, other cereal comes on the brink of millets or ragi within the calcium, it is beneficial for all age groups. Ragi help in making the body calm and free from stress, it relief from like depression, anxiety and migraines.

Ragi is rich in dietary fibre keeps the stomach full and helps to avoid overeating.

How to make Homemade Ragi Malt Sweet & Spice:

Ragi Malt Sweet:

To make this quick ragi base blend, 1 cup ragi powder and ½ cup water make a smooth.

Heat ½ cup water adds, blend ragi keep stirring start boiling, Once the blend is prepared close up the flame.

You can add in 1 glass milk 1 tsp powdered jaggery keep stirring it.

In another roast your favourite nuts, dried dates and saffron mix it well and enjoys the goodness.

Ragi Malt Spice:

You follow an equivalent procedure of creating the ragi blend by boiling ragi flour with water.

The base is ragi blend add one glass of buttermilk, black pepper and salt, optional coriander, green chillies chopped.


Finger Millet or Ragi is one among the traditional millet in India, and this review focuses on its nutrients composition, consumption and health benefits.

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