Cucumber consists mostly of water, and that they also contain Important electrolytes.

Cucumber, is formed as a vegetable and salad Cucumber is rich in many properties, it gets obviate many diseases.

Cucumber contains 80% water; Cucumber fulfils the lack of water in the body.

It deeply cleanses the interior organs and skin of the body; it relieves sunburned skin. It helps in the release of toxic elements of the body eating Cucumber reduces heartburn.

Cucumber contains a high amount of potassium, magnesium and silicon eating Cucumber is very important for beautiful skin,


  • Skin can help to cool and soothe the skin and reduce swelling and irritation for applying sliced Cucumber on to the body. It can alleviate sunburn.
  • Cucumber is safe for many people to use on the skin. People should start by applying a small amount.
  • Mix equal amounts of cucumber juice and yoghurt to form a pack that helps reduce dry skin and blackheads.

Bone Health:

Cucumber helps for Bone health, Vitamin K present in Cucumber helps with blood clotting.

In dietary guidelines for Americans recommend an intake of:

  • Females per day intake 90 mcg at aged 19 years
  • Male per day intake 120 mcg same age.

Cucumber Nutrition:

1 Cup raw chopped cucumber contains the following nutrients.

Water: 137 g / Protein: 0.8 g / Calories: 17 / Carbohydrates: 3.1 g / Fat: 0.2 g / Sugar: 2.0 g / Calcium: 19.9 g / Fiber: 1.0 g / Magnesium: 17 mg / Phosphorus: 29.8 mg / Potassium: 193 g / Sodium: 2.8 g / Vitamin C: 4.5 g / Folate: 19.9 mcg / Beta Carotene: 44 mcg / Vitamin: 10.2 mcg

Cucumber Side effect:

  • Cucumber is safe for many people to eat, but there are some points to think about side effect.
  • Some people find some sorts of Cucumber hard to digest.
  • Cucumber is comparatively high in vitamin K if eating an excessive amount of could affect how a person’s blood clots.
  • Some people have breathing problems so immediate medical attention.


Cucumber may be a mild-tasting, refreshing food that’s easy to feature to varied dishes. Eating Cucumber as a part of a diet and healthful lifestyle may have a variety of advantages.

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