Malaysia has an expansive, belt of coastline with white sands, Coral reefs, crystal waters and much of wildlife, encompassing both the peninsula and Borneo. There are many, popular public beaches to settle on from Malaysia, but equally, there are many which are a touch bit more obscure and impressive. Do the legwork though and you’ll be rewarded, with an experience like no other. Here are 5 of the best secret islands and beaches in Malaysia.

Gem Island:

The vibrant coral reefs of Gem island (Pulau Gemma) are sandy beaches just a stone’s throw from deep, bursting with marine life, lush jungle, while palm trees line the soft to saw your eye treatment. While this might sound like many other islands looks in Malaysia, but it lacks one crucial element of tourists. Apart from the few guests at the island’s resort and spa, you won’t see another soul. Ask locals in Kuala Lumpur and most won’t know Gem, making it one among the lesser-known islands in Malaysia.

A luxurious beach gateway on Tenggol Island:

Tenggol is stretching over the South China Sea and that the southernmost island in Terengganu state’s archipelago chain. Unlike its neighbours the Perhentian Islands, this place hardly sees any visitors besides a couple of locals. Expect ideal snorkelling conditions, daily whale shark tours and jungle trails. Culture Trip recommends Tenggol Island Beach Resort for a luxurious beach gateway. To get here take, a five-hour bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Dunga followed by a 50-minute ferry to Tenggol Island. It’s worth the long trip.

Disconnect from the world on Kapas:

Malaysia, Terengganu’s Kapas island is practically uninhabited compared to its neighbours. Only a couple of guesthouses and hostels line the empty coastlines, catering to budget-conscious crowds. Forget luxury resorts, mass development and WIFI. Kapas is all about reflection and solitude. Expect vast coastlines, colourful coral reefs and crystal-clear waters Culture Trip recommends a minimum of two nights here to urge the foremost out of 1 of Malaysia’s most mysterious Islands.

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