Read on to know, how laughter may be a cheap medicine and know its positive impact on the varied system of our body.

Studies prove that smiling which makes us feel happy and compassionate and laughter releases the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Laughter reduces stress and improves one’s overall emotional health:

Laughter is proven stress-buster.

Not only is it an excellent coping mechanism in stressful times, but research suggests that folks who laugh more are less likely to become depressed.

A laugh reduces stress and anxiety response; it initially increases then decreases your pulse, making you’re feeling relaxed and calm.

Laughter aids muscle relaxation and helps reduce the physical symptoms of stress.

Laughter regulates breathing by flushing out residual air within the lungs:

Deep inhaling and exhaling are necessary to stay our lungs healthy and to provide enough oxygen to the body.

This is also why breathing exercise is vital to anyone who suffers from respiratory illnesses.

However, laughter is the simplest way to urge this job done.

Deep laughs flush out all the residual air within the lungs and replace it with fresh, oxygen-rich air.

Good sense of humour aids in handling stressful situations:

Research showed an in-depth association of our system with our emotions.

According to the study, negative thoughts manifest themselves into chemical reactions that subject our body thus reduces our immunity for more stress.

Additionally, handling taxing situations in our daily lives increase the danger of vital sign.

A good sense of humour aids in handling stressful situations.

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