Colouring your give, you refreshing change in your style and look. And if you’re affected by grey hair well, hair-dyes are god-sent. Synthetic hair-dyes are full of chemicals, which are not good for not only your hair but your body too. Here are some of the ways you can colour your hair naturally.


Henna is the most popular and effective way to colour your hair naturally and its cool to your body. It can provide a lovely reddish hue or golden colour consistent with your hair type. You can easily find Henna powder in the market. Another good thing about Henna is that its long-lasting than other natural hair colourants.

Beetroot Juice:

For that beautiful thick red colour with Cool undertones go, for the good old beet juice for your hair. Just mix Beetroot Juice with oil like coconut, almond, or vegetable oil. Apply it to your hair and let it dry for an hour before rinsing it out. To seal the colour, spray Apple cider vinegar and Voila! You have natural red waves.


If you want to add some dimensions to your hair or even cover some greys, well give your hair a shot of Coffee! Just boil some coffee and let it rest for a short time. Then add two spoonfuls of ground coffee and some leave-in conditioner. Apply it generously to hair and leave it for an hour or so. Repeat the method subsequent day if you’re not proud of the colour.

Lemon Juice:

Yes, it’s going to surprise you, but you’ll add those fabulous highlights in your hair with the assistance of juice. Apply lemon juice to your hair thoroughly. Leave it for a few hours and let it dry preferably in the sun. After applying for a few times, you would gradually see those gorgeous lighter highlights in your hair.

Chamomile tea:

If you would like to illuminate your blonde hair, then Chamomile tea can work wonders for you. Just boil chamomile tea in water. Let it sit and then strain the tea out from your hair. Wash your hair and then rinse your washed hair with Chamomile infused water. Wait for 15 min to a half hour before finally washing your hair. Use it once every week for that lovely hair colour.

You can experiment a lot with these natural colours to get your favourite shade on your hair it looks like a natural.

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